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You Know You Want To

| Motivational | No Comments

You know you want to:  Set up a blog Even though there are thousands of answers on the Internet on how to set up a blog, podcasts on blogging, even…

Failure Isn’t An Option

| Advice | No Comments

When Failure Isn’t An Option Have you noticed that the new in thing is ‘failures are not failures.’ Failures have now become the new learning, the new training for those…

Expectations versus Demands

| Motivational | No Comments

Ventures Out When one ventures out into the wide, wide, wide world of business whether as an innovator, expectations, or demands, there’s no clear choice of what that particular person…

When Was the Last Time You Put Yourself in the Path(s) of Corporate Giants?

| Advice | No Comments

So, when was the last time you put yourself in the path(s) of corporate giants? How successful were you? Did you get stomped on? Did they by-pass you? Step over…

Thinking Your Words and Actions Through

| Advice | No Comments

  As Internet talk show hosts, we all recognized that well before we opened our mouths and utter a word or words, we must first ‘think through the consequences of…

The Importance of Deliverance!

| Advice | No Comments

Ah, the importance of deliverance. It has allot of meanings, mostly biblical, but for today, deliverance means something entirely different. When a person speaks peer-to-peer, peer-to-audience, peer-to-the world or family…

True Passion

Do you know what your True Passion Is?

| Inspiration | No Comments

Your True Passion Have you found your true passion yet? Is it hiding under a bushel? Are you too shy to reveal it? What are you going to do when…

All Of The Above

All Of The Above

| Motivational | No Comments

The “Total Package!” That’s what you hear all the time from the parents of pre-teen offspring when gathering at sports or field events. Looks. Trim bodies. Personality. Brains. These girls…

About Lillian S. Cauldwell

Lillian S Cauldwell

Ms. Lillian S. Cauldwell has interviewed numerous bestselling fiction and nonfiction authors on the national acclaimed phone group tour, PBP Playback Producers. She has also been a Media Adviser at The National Publicity Summit in New York City (Steve Harrison). In former years, Ms. Cauldwell participated in the International Miami Book Festival and interviewed selected authors in person and by telephone. Lillian Cauldwell is known in the Media Industry as ‘Passionate’ and ‘Getting Things done!’

Ms. Cauldwell Ghost-writes blogs for top business executives including inter-active e-books from articles, blogs, commentaries, letters-to-the-editors, and vlogs for top business executives and authors. She helps business individuals master the techniques of presentation and interpersonal skills.

Clients engaged Ms. Cauldwell for her honesty, integrity, passion, getting things done, 25 years of research skills, 10 years of audio streaming and interviewing, versatility, communication and interpersonal skills.

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