Failure Isn’t An Option

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When Failure Isn’t An Option

Have you noticed that the new in thing is ‘failures are not failures.’ Failures have now become the new learning, the new training for those who fail. When I was in school failing grades was a bad sign both for the teachers and the student’s parents. It didn’t bother me. There were some subjects that I was better in than others. But to the adults in my life, failure meant one thing. I wasn’t working hard enough. I didn’t understand the material. I wasn’t applying myself. etc, you get the message. Today, the message has changed. Failing isn’t an option anymore. Failing is now expected of you if you try hard enough. There’s always declaring bankruptcy and starting over. You can always remarry. You can always walk away and count what money you have left.

For future talk show hosts, failure can mean many things. Not taking decisive action when called upon.

Not making the right decision versus making a bad decision.

Making the wrong choice.

Being taken in by phonies.

The list goes on.

However, the future talk show host

should also realize that failure doesn’t lead down a dark and lonely road. There are plenty of failures out on the internet that tell you plainly that they have failed, but look out. Like the Phoenix, they have risen from the flames. Talk Show Host’s don’t wear failures well. It shows in their loss of revenue. It shows in audience decrease. It shows in less people following you. It hurts when you’re asked to leave because you’re not sharing in the universal approval rating of the station.

How do you as future talk show host avoid failure?

There’s no sure try and true method. Like most people you need to find the cracks and crevices as you march along. If you stumble and fall, make sure there’s someone who catches your back.
It’s called collaboration. It does make a difference. There’s another way, too. Have a contingency plan in place. You know, the plan that your parents, relatives, and boss remind you about every day of your life. Having a plan in place will take off some of the pressure. Why? Because you have a blueprint to follow when all else fails. There’s a small bit of insurance for you so when you’re axed, you don’t fall apart. Your emotions don’t kick in and scream, “You’re a Failure.”

Nope, in my world, it’s called “A Prepared Failure!”


Expectations versus Demands

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Ventures Out

When one ventures out into the wide, wide, wide world of business whether as an innovator, expectations, or demands, there’s no clear choice of what that particular person should do or not not. Or as Shakespeare famously had Hamlet say “To be or not to be, that is the question,” that is indeed the question.

Choosing the right Question

In the work world there are certain laws that one must obey in order to achieve success. However, sometimes that road to success doesn’t always come easily. That’s because we don’t always pick the right road to take in the first place.

Never mind the Giants for now. We’re all following a certain path. A certain paved road whether it’s full of good or bad intentions or whether it’s yellow-brick or strewn with red roses, we all are going in the same general direction.

How we get there is altogether a different question. Why?

Because many of us are measuring up to that ‘chosen’ ladder already pre-determined by other people. These people are labeled the “expectations” versus the ‘demands” folk.

How different can they be? Plenty. They make a big difference whether of following your nose, getting there by the seat of your pants, or just measuring up to the line drawn on the wall or door.

How many of us measure up to what we think is the right way to go versus what others might think or deem appropriate for us.

Expectations versus Demands

When I was one and twenty, I heard a wise man say, and then you hear the words of the wise man. How many of you follow the words of the wise man and do what you think is the right approach to take. Do the task the way we think it ought be done and be damned to the rest of you. I found after graduating from college that my parents held Great Expectations for me as opposed to my professors who had Great Demands that I must comply with.

Think about it. What expectations were expected of you when you graduated from college or high school? Let me name a few.

Get a job.

Get a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Get married.

Have children.

Be successful.

Get a huge salary.

Be famous. Or infamous.

Be liked.

Here’s a goodie.  Win at any cost!

You’ve heard these types of exclamations before from your parents, relatives, and good friends.

What about the Demands that are made of you? Are they impossible to fill?

Get married.

Come out of the closet.

Get rich quick.

Become famous.

Pass that test as long as you don’t get caught!

Were these demands ridiculous or did they touch a nerve deep inside of you that spurred you further along your career goals?

When did you stop to think of the consequences of these acts? This expectations versus demands?

If you knew now what you didn’t know before, would you still done it? Would you have gone ahead and won at any cost and as long as you didn’t get caught, everything is right with the world?

I sometimes wonder as I get set to teach a course or webinar to a bunch of folks what really drive them to do what they want to do or what their parents or spouses want them to do. Is it the same thing?

If it isn’t, why not? How are you as an young-adult (college-age) versus adult (after college) suppose to act when you, yourself, and I don’t know what the proper format is for behaving?

Are you an “expectations” person versus a “demand” person.

Will this change your personality, too?

I often wonder if people could do a re-do whether or not their re-do would be an exact replica of what they did previously. I’ve been told no. Everything would change. But I wonder.

If you don’t change, how can you change when re-doing the same exact stuff that you did before? And will the expectations and demand change or will they remain the same?

When Was the Last Time You Put Yourself in the Path(s) of Corporate Giants?

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So, when was the last time you put yourself in the path(s) of corporate giants?

How successful were you? Did you get stomped on? Did they by-pass you? Step over you? Around you?

Did you see their dust as they sped by?

Or , were you successful? Got those giants to look down and see what was impeding their path?

If you didn’t succeed, why not?

If you did succeed, what did you do that force them to take notice of you? Read More

Thinking Your Words and Actions Through

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As Internet talk show hosts,
we all recognized that well before we opened our mouths and utter a word or words, we must first ‘think through the consequences of what is said and advised.’ The wrong words or the wrong advice can often land you in jail or sued for defamation of character.

Many talk hosts use a prepared script to avoid that particular embarrassment or a teleprompter (political candidates) so that sticking to the prepared written script will prevent them from uttering words that they hadn’t planned on saying.

Other talk show hosts use cue cards, index cards, paper squares with written phrases and key words that helps them keep to the topic currently being discussed.

Then you have the rest of us talk hosts that speak from the hip. The only difference being is while I know ahead of time how to think on my feet, there are plenty of hosts out there that don’t know how to think on their feet and their sentences and words come out twisted and wrong. What one teen told

me was “a hot mess!”

Hot Messes

What are ‘hot messes’ and why are they so difficult to clean up afterwards?

Listen to your favorite political candidate while doing a speech, answering a reporter’s or journalist’s question or speaking to a group of people to get them riled up. Does his/her audience pay attention to the words that this person is using? Or, are they more focused on that person’s body and facial language that tells them allot more than any mere words can do.

When these people speak, are they speaking from the heart? their brain? a memorized prepared text?

Or as society

as termed it “do we put our respective feet in our mouths?” I remember when I was in school that it was quite easy to put your foot in if you were speaking from ignorance, not knowing what you were saying, but making it up along the way or have a friend speak for you, but often they included defamatory words.

Hot messes. We all know why we love watching politicians on television. They provide entertainment for us just when we thought our planet was too ordinary for words. Political candidates don’t seem to know when to stop.

Talk show hosts are like that as well. They just don’t know or understand when it’s time to call it quits and end the paragraph, end the sentence or better yet retract their words as politely as possible.

I know that confrontation is a huge task for any sane person. When you say the wrong thing, then it’s time for you to confront yourself and shut up.

Shutting Up

There are several ways to control your mouth.

You can start singing one of the many Beatles songs that are out there. In one of my grandson’s favorite animated cartoons, the bugs burst into song to help the adults and 3 year old figure out how they’re going to handle the mess they put themselves in.

You can cough or clear your throat. That always works well.

You can sneeze, clutch your stomach or something really dramatic, faint!

You can stop speaking and apologize. A personal favorite. “I’m sorry I said those things. My mother made me do it!”

And so it goes. This problem of knowing when to shut up and keep quiet or to speak so that whatever comes out of your mouth doesn’t offend anyone, least of all, yourself!

The Importance of Deliverance!

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Ah, the importance of deliverance. It has allot of meanings, mostly biblical, but for today, deliverance means something entirely different.

When a person speaks peer-to-peer, peer-to-audience, peer-to-the world or family or friends, relatives, it means that they are delivering message. It could be important. It could be note-worthy. It could be the difference between life and death. It’s importance of how it is said — how it is uttered — will make all the difference since. Read More

True Passion

Do you know what your True Passion Is?

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Your True Passion

Have you found your true passion yet? Is it hiding under a bushel? Are you too shy to reveal it?

What are you going to do when you find your true passion? Will you find it before you die?
These are questions that I hear continually from people who don’t know or can’t find what their true passion is. How does one go about being passionate about something or someone? Is it by telling the world that you’re passionate going to solve your problem?

Read More

Passion Play

Find your Passion by learning How 2 Use: Effective Communication Skills which is made up of four (4) major skill sets:  Mastering Interpersonal Skills, Strategizing Presentation Skills, Clear, Precise and Concise Speaking Skills, and Positive Leadership Skills.

How does a woman CEO or Empty Nester use their Passion once they find it? They incorporate PASSION into their very being. It becomes a part of their arsenal to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ and become Mentors to the vast majority of spiritual futures.

One on One sessions with peers, teach Passion in seminar/webinar groups (remote or in person), become an Expert Witness, Write articles, Blogs, Vlogs (video and writing) and E-books.

Ignite Others to Find and Use their Passion by Motivation, Inspiration, Podcasting, Radio Talk Host and provide a Call 2 Action Plan so you leave a behind a Ripple in the women’s community.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Present: Skills

A woman’s place on the corporate ladder is based on four primary skill sets that can qualify a CEO or Empty Nester in the corporate world. They are: Interpersonal, Presentation, Speaking and Interviewing.

How important are they? They can determine how far a CEO or Empty Nester can go. Through the ‘glass ceiling and beyond or stuck in the mire of administrative work.

We will learn and practice these skills within a live listening and viewing audience so that when you graduate from Present: Skills, your battle is already half-way won.

These skills are: Interpersonal, Presentation, Speaking and Interviewing. Sub groups include, but not limited to listening, responsibility and accountability, questioning, problem solving, thinking on one’s feet, verbal and non-verbal communication, assertiveness, body and voice language, manners, social awareness, self-management, inform, motivate, inspire, interviewing (social, business, career), speaking, clearly, concisely and precisely.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Voice Personality

Voice personality is a first impression of who you are. To find your voice personality, one must listen to how one sounds. Speaking clearly, concisely, and concisely. What I term as my golden rule for women CEO’s and Empty Nesters to remember always.

“Mean what you say. Say what you Mean!”

How do you do that? By finding the right voice personality that fits who you are. Your personality. Other ways to express yourself and keep within the boundaries of your voice are tone, pitch, enunciation, vocabulary, psychology, and how you say what you mean.

When dealing with a peer, boss, higher management, or even your spouse, what you say and how you say is very important. Choosing the right words. Selecting the right tone. Keeping your voice even, not cracking, whispering, or ending your sentences in a question are all part of your voice personality.

Choose which type of voice best suits you when you’re in the business world might be entirely different than the one you use on your family, relatives, spouse, or friends.

Find your voice. Develop its personality. First impressions always count and sets the mood. Whatever mood the person is after, good, bad, or indifferent.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Master Interpersonal Skills

We all use them at one time or another. However, not all of us use them together. Women CEO’s and Empty Nesters find their interpersonal skills are up to current standards. Current standards are Industry standards. Industry standards determine promotions and salary increases, recognition, value, and brand.

Want to get ahead in corporate America? Want your spouse and family to take you seriously? Want to find what you’re seeking after your last child departs from the house? You need to practice your interpersonal skills and use them on a daily basis until these skills become a part of your career, business, and mind set.

The 10 skills necessary to succeed and thrive are: Listening, Assertiveness, Problem Solving, Thinking on Feet, Verbal and non-verbal Communication, Responsibility and Accountability, Questioning, Manners, Social Awareness, and Self-Management.

Once you master these skills, then you’re on your way to success.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Interviewing Techniques

There are all types of interviews. And no two interviews are alike. The interview for a job differs from an interview to get a loan which is different from an interview you give when fact finding for a research paper.

Listening, asking questions, speaking clearly, breathing, tone, pitch, these are all parts of how an interview is conducted.

By taking Ms. Cauldwell’s course, you learn how to use these techniques to get the desired results women CEO’s and Empty Nesters require to make a difference and enable their clients to get the best possible value for their interview value.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Ask Me

In today’s busy world, people are afraid to ask questions fearing they are either stupid or not relevant. However, when you chose to ASK ME a question, you’ll not only get an answer that’s pertinent to your question, but you’ll also receive a sample, example, or a practical application to that question so everything is spelled out for you.

Question are an important part of any position in business, in personal relationships, and in other aspects of your life.

ASK ME becomes your guarantee that you understand the problem and recognize that there are answers that when applied can remedy any problem that might occur.

Learn how to ask questions and apply the answers so that everyone wins.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary

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