The “Total Package!”

That’s what you hear all the time from the parents of pre-teen offspring when gathering at sports or field events. Looks. Trim bodies. Personality. Brains. These girls have it all. And, why shouldn’t they?

In the 21st century, emphasis on women, girls, and teens paths to success is allot different than us ‘over the hill’ ladies who were born and bred during the late 40’s, and the 50’s and 60’s.

The tone of society’s culture and corporate culture were totally different. The emphasis being then on ‘barefoot and pregnant,’ and think high ‘teacher, secretary, nurse.’ That was it for us corporate types.
Things have changed, or have they?

Not So Fast

For us ladies or women if you prefer, things have definitely not changed. We’re still hitting the legendary ‘glass ceiling.’ We’re still under-paid for the same amount and type of work that men perform. We still have to beg for time off to attend family events. We’re still encouraged to become teachers, nurses, and secretaries by our families because that’s a good female career to have. The ones who ventured past that approved territory are challenged or denied their certain rights and privileges that their male counterparts have.

Change is in the Air

Change is in the air. Ladies. You no longer have to settle because that’s what expected of you. You, alone, have the choice to change history and to change your career goals and aspirations.

How? By letting your Passion Drive You. By learning how to strategize your presentations to a supervisor, manager, boss, or board members. By finding and developing your voice personality. By mastering your interpersonal skills. By learning effective interview techniques, not just for jobs or a bank loan, but interviews that stimulate conversation and respect among your colleagues and peers. And by asking questions on everything and anything that you don’t understand, question the wisdom or validity of or by challenging that which is status quo.

It’s time to stand up and be counted.

It’s time for you to take action for yourself and not wait for a knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet or marry a rich man to take care of sleep or sleep with the boss for your promotion.
It’s time for your passion, skills, and technological know-how to shine through and make something of yourself. It’s possible.

Go ask Hilary Clinton if you don’t believe me.

Go ask Oprah Winfrey if you think I’m not telling the truth.

Go ask Michelle Obama what it’s like to ‘mean what you say and say what you mean!’

Go ask Lillian S. Cauldwell what it takes to succeed in a man’s domain.

Go on. Ask them all.

When you’ve got your answers, look into the mirror and repeat after me.

I can do that!!

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Passion Play

Find your Passion by learning How 2 Use: Effective Communication Skills which is made up of four (4) major skill sets:  Mastering Interpersonal Skills, Strategizing Presentation Skills, Clear, Precise and Concise Speaking Skills, and Positive Leadership Skills.

How does a woman CEO or Empty Nester use their Passion once they find it? They incorporate PASSION into their very being. It becomes a part of their arsenal to break through the ‘glass ceiling’ and become Mentors to the vast majority of spiritual futures.

One on One sessions with peers, teach Passion in seminar/webinar groups (remote or in person), become an Expert Witness, Write articles, Blogs, Vlogs (video and writing) and E-books.

Ignite Others to Find and Use their Passion by Motivation, Inspiration, Podcasting, Radio Talk Host and provide a Call 2 Action Plan so you leave a behind a Ripple in the women’s community.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Present: Skills

A woman’s place on the corporate ladder is based on four primary skill sets that can qualify a CEO or Empty Nester in the corporate world. They are: Interpersonal, Presentation, Speaking and Interviewing.

How important are they? They can determine how far a CEO or Empty Nester can go. Through the ‘glass ceiling and beyond or stuck in the mire of administrative work.

We will learn and practice these skills within a live listening and viewing audience so that when you graduate from Present: Skills, your battle is already half-way won.

These skills are: Interpersonal, Presentation, Speaking and Interviewing. Sub groups include, but not limited to listening, responsibility and accountability, questioning, problem solving, thinking on one’s feet, verbal and non-verbal communication, assertiveness, body and voice language, manners, social awareness, self-management, inform, motivate, inspire, interviewing (social, business, career), speaking, clearly, concisely and precisely.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Voice Personality

Voice personality is a first impression of who you are. To find your voice personality, one must listen to how one sounds. Speaking clearly, concisely, and concisely. What I term as my golden rule for women CEO’s and Empty Nesters to remember always.

“Mean what you say. Say what you Mean!”

How do you do that? By finding the right voice personality that fits who you are. Your personality. Other ways to express yourself and keep within the boundaries of your voice are tone, pitch, enunciation, vocabulary, psychology, and how you say what you mean.

When dealing with a peer, boss, higher management, or even your spouse, what you say and how you say is very important. Choosing the right words. Selecting the right tone. Keeping your voice even, not cracking, whispering, or ending your sentences in a question are all part of your voice personality.

Choose which type of voice best suits you when you’re in the business world might be entirely different than the one you use on your family, relatives, spouse, or friends.

Find your voice. Develop its personality. First impressions always count and sets the mood. Whatever mood the person is after, good, bad, or indifferent.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Master Interpersonal Skills

We all use them at one time or another. However, not all of us use them together. Women CEO’s and Empty Nesters find their interpersonal skills are up to current standards. Current standards are Industry standards. Industry standards determine promotions and salary increases, recognition, value, and brand.

Want to get ahead in corporate America? Want your spouse and family to take you seriously? Want to find what you’re seeking after your last child departs from the house? You need to practice your interpersonal skills and use them on a daily basis until these skills become a part of your career, business, and mind set.

The 10 skills necessary to succeed and thrive are: Listening, Assertiveness, Problem Solving, Thinking on Feet, Verbal and non-verbal Communication, Responsibility and Accountability, Questioning, Manners, Social Awareness, and Self-Management.

Once you master these skills, then you’re on your way to success.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Interviewing Techniques

There are all types of interviews. And no two interviews are alike. The interview for a job differs from an interview to get a loan which is different from an interview you give when fact finding for a research paper.

Listening, asking questions, speaking clearly, breathing, tone, pitch, these are all parts of how an interview is conducted.

By taking Ms. Cauldwell’s course, you learn how to use these techniques to get the desired results women CEO’s and Empty Nesters require to make a difference and enable their clients to get the best possible value for their interview value.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Ask Me

In today’s busy world, people are afraid to ask questions fearing they are either stupid or not relevant. However, when you chose to ASK ME a question, you’ll not only get an answer that’s pertinent to your question, but you’ll also receive a sample, example, or a practical application to that question so everything is spelled out for you.

Question are an important part of any position in business, in personal relationships, and in other aspects of your life.

ASK ME becomes your guarantee that you understand the problem and recognize that there are answers that when applied can remedy any problem that might occur.

Learn how to ask questions and apply the answers so that everyone wins.

Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary


Distinguish Yourself From The Ordinary

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